Our history

A merge of tradition, engineering, innovation


Experiences and metamorphosis are our guidelines, and we keep looking to the future riding the roads of innovation…

A tradition lasting more than 400 years, a continuum of generational handovers and the continuous challenges and achievements, allowed the setup of an artisan enterprise yesterday, and its confirmation as an industrial reality today.

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Cesare Lorenzon

XVI century: a century of inventions, innovations, discoveries…To that period is dated the oldest connection of Lorenzon’s to Cesare Lorenzon.

Here began our history and the evolution…


The artisan workshop and the “carradori”

The ancient Lorenzon’s workshop was settled along the banks of the river Piave as an artisan workshop aimed at the manufacturing of iron and wood items…

Highly technical jobs – for those times - were carried out in the blacksmith shop, such as the “carradori”, who worked the iron for the construction and maintenance of agricultural equipment.

Who were the “carradori”? They were the carter makers, who mastered great knowledge in wood and iron arts. Chariots were made of an indefinite number of wood types; wear and tear resistant materials were shaped with the forge fire… They created what needed by means of simple anvils and hammers, and much effort. 


The first Official Recognition

It was during the first century of the contemporary age that the first enrollment of the company owned to the Lorenzon’s took place to the Chamber of Commerce of Venice.

The 20s

Reclamations of lands

Deep roots in the territory, an outstanding feature of the firm: the first installations of water pumps followed the reclamation of the shallow lands (lagoon), and boosted the rural and agricultural development in the region.

The 50s

Constructions in the tourist sector

The development of the beach resorts close to the workshop namely Bibione, Lignano and Jesolo, contributed to improve the Lorenzon’s company strategies, which started to create steel structural works, marked by harmony and architectural beauty.


The “Lorenzon Giannino” company

The firm “Lorenzon Giannino” was born as a structural and mechanical constructions’ workshop, adopting the available up-to-date technology: it pioneered the manufacturing using tool machines and implementing the MIG welding to make the production faster, cutting the manufacturing costs and introducing the concept of efficiency.


Product quality

The company aimed to Excellence: quality became a key requirement to meet the customer’s needs in the construction process and in the definition of the product technical specifications.


The birth of “Metalmeccanica Lorenzon Snc”

Metalmeccanica Lorenzon Snc was founded and took over the previous company to become later the existing Poolmeccanica.

It is back to this period that the company experienced its first expansion, new and larger manufacturing spaces were needed…



Pushed by the more and more demanding market, a new reality that combined mechanics and engineering to technological innovation and R&D processes, took place: a continuous impulse for carrying out amazing works…


Process quality

Not only product quality: the quality culture spreads across all processes involved and much attention is paid to system efficiency, safety, ethics and environment.


The birth of Poolmeccanica

Merging, transformations, generational handovers… At that time a POOL formed: people, expertise, skills, but also fields of activity and related services were all merged in one.

Poolmeccanica Lorenzon takes off, great ideas that bend the steel born…

The production department was renewed, old tool machinery was replaced with up-to-date CNC units and software.

Prende vita Poolmeccanica Lorenzon,

nascono grandi idee che piegano l’acciaio…

E non solo… l’area di produzione si rinnova, tutti i macchinari vengono sostituiti con macchine CNC e software adeguati.


Towards new markets

Poolmeccanica started the internationalization process and started its presence in the greatest works worldwide.

Achieved good results in quality, innovation and manufacturing processes, it was time to implement the engineering to logistics: the study of transporting and installing bigger products and heavier equipment was enhanced.


The marine field

The construction of the first vessel marked the company’s entrance in the shipbuilding industry: a successful challenge that gave birth to a magnificent work.


Innovative enterprise

To engineer, to experiment, to innovate… Innovation for Poolmeccanica Lorenzon is not just a challenge but also a way of being…

Its registration as “Innovative SME” (Small and Medium Enterprise) is just the first step to the future.


Fast House

Cutting-edge technology and innovation characterize the latest creation designed by Poolmeccanica in the building sector: a modern housing model, an affordable price...

A fast and versatile construction for any housing need.


Future - The Smart Factory

We plan our future steadily and commit to reach the desired goals:

  • Searching for new partnerships with other national and international actors
  • Adopting the Smart Factory models, where artificial intelligences are integrated with human intelligences, and they'll be increasingly present in the business processes
  • Choosing the simplification of processes – a new challenge – despite the lean production remains our goals
  • Promoting the generational handover