PMI DAY 2018 - Thanks

Thank you for giving us beautiful emotions through this event,

honored by the trust placed in us.

POOLMECCANICA LORENZON S.R.L. has been nominated for Le Fonti INNOVATION Awards®

dec 05th, 2018

POOLMECCANICA LORENZON S.R.L .. Le Fonti INNOVATION Awards® - December 5th - Live Television - Palazzo Mezzanotte

We are delighted, and we thank all those who have wanted us as finalists for the Le Fonti Innovation Awards®.


POOLMECCANICA LORENZON S.R.L. was selected as a finalist of the VIII edition in the following categories:

  • MD of the Year / special category
  • Excellence of the Year / Innovation & Leadership / special category

The ceremony will take place on December 5th, 2018 at Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarters of the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan. Among the moderators of the entire event: Alan Friedman (international journalist and television commentator); Angela Maria Scullica (editorial editor of national magazines LE FONTI), Debora Rosciani (Radio24), Marco Gaiazzi (Mediaset and La7) and Giuseppe Di Vittorio (national director of television LE FONTI), Alessandro Giuli (Journalist and television commentator). The next stages of Le Fonti Awards® will be in Hong Kong, London (London Stock Exchange), New York (Harvard Club), Dubai, Singapore. The awards will be awarded to the usual audience of CEOs and top executives of the sector companies (media partners, our monthly magazines, on newsstands at national level, WORLD EXCELLENCE, the magazine No.1 for CEOs and LE FONTI LEGAL., the magazine No.1 for lawyers).

PMI DAY 2018 - At company school in the company

NOV 20th, 2018

Beautiful day spent with the guys of I.S.I.S. Leonardo da Vinci of Portogruaro whose main theme was the fight against counterfeiting, intellectual property and Italian sounding, promoted by the Confindustria PMI, whom we thank.

Starting from the concept that there are no issues that involve a company and others not, but that every aspect of legality must be lowered on the processes and products of the company, we have tried to understand the main issues related to counterfeiting and intellectual property respect to our business with particular reference to confidentiality agreements, disclosure bans, certifications through which we identify a series of regulations and guidelines that define the requirements for the implementation of a quality management system, which it is' probably unthinkable that someone can imitate or replicate works like those that are made in Poolmeccanica Lorenzon because the contexts we operate here are unique.

We therefore entered the possibility of counterfeiting our behavior, thus entering into the specific ETHICS of the Company, underlining that professional ethics can not be separated from the individual ethics of each of us.

It is the people who allow the process to function, and for this to work it is essential that there is a sharing of values.

To take care of the quality and safety of products, to promote cultural events, to worry about the working conditions of its employees, to adopt production standards aimed at reducing polluting emissions, to stimulate the recycling and disposal of toxic waste and, more generally, to open up to dialogue with all the possible interlocutors, it means for the company to acquire consent and social legitimacy, that is to lay the foundations of lasting success.


HENRY FORD said: "the two most important things do not appear in the balance sheet of a company: ITS REPUTATION AND ITS MEN"


POOLMECCANICA LORENZON has as its value the orientation between school and work and has always embraced the thought "in company school in company"; she has always been active and proactive in hosting young students, stimulating their interest in a world, that of work, still unknown, but with which they will soon have to confront each other.

The opportunity, in our company, is given through internships, apprenticeships, apprenticeships with the aim not to indicate a choice, but to provide as many elements as possible to make young people aware of the most correct choice to take.

For us it is essential to stimulate young people to research within themselves the attitudes, interests, talents to be cultivated also in the light of their experience; the school-company combination is indispensable so that they can face future studies or profession with greater passion and profit.

Thanks guys, you have skills, determination and you are the most educated generation ever existed, allow yourself time to understand what you are passionate about, keep your values ​​fixed and you will do important things in this world.

Poolmeccanica Lorenzon opens the doors to the young of I.S.I.S. Leonardo da Vinci of Portogruaro on Nov. 16th, 2018

NOV 11th, 2018

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with the Confindustria Associations, which in the territory organize company visits in the registered companies, involving schools.

The initiative, launched in 2010, aims to contribute to the promotion of entrepreneurship; The first recipients of the Day are young people, to whom it is intended to transmit the desire for business, their families and teachers who play a decisive role in the orientation of young people.


It is also important to stimulate the participation of the administrators of local authorities, the media and all those who interact with the activities of companies in the context of that cultural process of recognition of the role of the company and their commitment to the economic growth and social well-being, because, with their dynamism and innovative capacity, they are the fundamental resource on which to aim to relaunch the country's development.


POOLMECCANICA LORENZON has as its value the orientation between school and work and has always embraced the thought "in company school in company"; she has always been active and proactive in hosting young students, stimulating their interest in a world of work, still unknown but with which they will soon have to confront each other.

The opportunity, in our company, is given through internships, apprenticeships and the goal is not to indicate a choice, but provide as many elements as possible to make young aware of the right choice to take.

For us it is essential to encourage young people to research within themselves the attitudes, interests, talents to be cultivated, also in the light of their experience, and the school-company binomial is essential so that they can face future studies or profession with greater passion and profit. 


 Culture is the only drug that creates INDEPENDENCE




Confindustria establishes an award in memory of Diego Lorenzon

Oct 18th, 2018

We feel immensely honored by the award that Confindustria wanted to dedicate to Diego, and we want to show our infinite gratitude, renewing our heartfelt thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

For what you have taught us, for the love you have lavished, for the consistency with which you lived, for the value of "friendship" that was within you:


Confindustria establishes an award in memory of Diego Lorenzon

Piccola Industria Confindustria has set up an award in memory of Diego Lorenzon, a very active businessman from Veneto in Confindustria, who died prematurely. Entitled "Quasi quasi mollo tutto e divento felice ...", it is reserved for students, between 15 and 18 years, of Secondary Secondary Institutes of the Veneto who will participate in the 2018 edition of the PMI DAY and foresees the development of a short essay with the subject "Mental well-being, the ability not to be overcome by the difficulties of life but, above all, to be able to distinguish between small and large obstacles that are found on our daily journey".

In order to facilitate the organization of the initiative, the tests will be carried out within the same Institutes in the period between November 17, the day following the PMI DAY 2018, and the end of February. The identification of the exact day of the test is left to the choice of each school. After a first selection, the Institutes will be able to submit the best works to the attention of the Jury, which will proceed to identify the three winners.

In the spring of 2019, still to be defined, the award ceremony will be held by Piccola Industria Confindustria. In particular, a cash award will be awarded to the first, second and third classified, as well as a plaque of recognition to the schools of the awarded students.

All operational aspects will be indicated in detail in the Regulations that will be released in the autumn.


(Source: InPresa - No.198 - Photo Source:

Poolmeccanica Lorenzon is at Hydro 2018 fair

Oct 15th, 2018

Ready at stand No.67: We are waiting for you to meet you and to make you know us!


#Hydro2018 - where to find us

Oct 10th, 2018

Come and visit us at stand n.67 of the Amber Expo in Gdansk, Poland, To discuss together about innovative solutions concerning the use of water resources.


Poolmeccanica Lorenzon is going to be at Hydro 2018

OCT 02nd 2016

Poolmeccanica Lorenzon S.r.l. is pleased to announce its participation in Hydro 2018, an international gathering in the hydroelectric sector with representatives from around 80 countries, which this year will be held in Gdansk, Poland, from 15 to 17 October.


A 500-ton lifting portal for dismantling the Syncrolift of Venice’s MO.S.E.

NOV 02nd 2016

At the yard of Santa Maria del Mare of the Port of Malamocco (VE) within the MO.S.E. Project, the Poolmeccanica Lorenzon’s team is involved in the dismantling of the large Syncrolift platform.

For this project, was specifically designed and built a portal able to lift the beams pairs of the platform before performing their translation... A steel structure with a payload of 500 ton.

The picture shows the first pair of beams, lifted and completely translated. Overall, there will be 7 interventions included in this operation.


Panama, the new Channel: Poolmeccanica Lorenzon too has contributed to the construction of one of the greatest engineering works of this century

JUN 26th 2016

The mission has been completed with the official inauguration of such historical enlargement of the channel on Sunday, June 26th 2016: a pride not only for Panama, but also for the Italian technology, that has so played a key role in the development of unique and design solutions worldwide recognized.

This majestic work of hydraulic engineering, whose protagonist is the made in Italy, has also seen the participation of Poolmeccanica Lorenzon, which was involved in the design and manufacturing of structural steel works for Grupo Unidos Por el Canal (GUPC) for more than 4 years. As a whole some 1400 tons were supplied.


Diego Lorenzon, best entrepeneur of the year 2015

JUN 24th 2016

At the award ceremony offered by the magazine “La Gazzetta Italo-Brasiliana” which took place in Rome at the Brazilian Embassy, Mr. Diego Lorenzon, President of Poolmeccanica Lorenzon, was recognized as “The best entrepreneur of the year 2015”.

In the picture, Mr. Diego Lorenzon is awarded by the President of “La Gazzetta”, in presence of the Brazilian Ambassador Mr. Ricardo Neiva Tavares.



Poolmeccanica Innovative SME

OCT 02nd 2015

Fulfilled hard requirements, Poolmeccanica Lorenzon is the first company in Veneto region to be registered as an Innovative SME (Small Medium Enterprise). An historical company that has innovation as aim.

The registration as “Innovative SME” is just the first step to the future…

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“Italy instructs”

OCT 2015

Poolmeccanica Lorenzon has been nominated as one of the made in italy companies that identify themselves for durability in time and avant-garde technologies: we had the pleasure to host a Brazilian delegation visiting some historical Italian Companies. 

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Poolmeccanica Lorenzon in “Anima per l’Acqua”

SEP-OCT 2015

Poolmeccanica Lorenzon and its hydraulic works in “Anima per l’Acqua”, in addition to the magazine L’Industria Meccanica.

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Certificate of Conformity of the Factory Production Control – EN 1090-1


Poolmeccanica Lorenzon obtained the Certificate of Conformity for the execution classes EXC1, EXC2, EXC3 and the labelling methods 2, 3a e 3b for Portogruaro’s and San Michele al Tagliamento’s factories. 


Bucephalus, Backhoe Dredger of Poolmeccanica Lorenzon

SEP 03rd 2012

A unique marine engineering work:  the Italian motor vessel Bucephalus, manufactured by Poolmeccanica Lorenzon’s team, is equipped with an excavator designed for marine environment and 3 anchor poles to lift it partially out of the water.

After the 03/09/2012 launch in San Michele al Tagliamento, at the Poolmeccanica Lorenzon’s port of call on the bank of the Tagliamento river, Bucefalo is ready to sail the international seas.

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A global achievement of the hydraulic sector


An excursus of Poolmeccanica Lorenzon’s history told by the President Diego Lorenzon: a company known for its historical importance, which over the years has been able to broaden activity areas. In hydraulic engineering field, the company is earning a great success: international works, of a high depth engineering… The MO.S.E. Project of Venice and the Panama Canal expansion are just a few of the projects with which the company aims to assert globally.

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Launched the dry dock CNP1000

DEC 04th 2009

Poolmeccanica Lorenzon has been protagonist of the impressive floating dock “CNP1000” creation: a dry dock that allows to arrange boats in a dry place to fix or maintenance.

The structure, built in Poolmeccanica Lorenzon’s factory with approximately 630.000 kg of steel, was transported to the launching place in 25 parts. Destination: Cantiere Navale Polesano, Portoviro.

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Bonita, the made in Italy cargo motorship

OCT 03rd 2006

The first Hopper Dredger constructed by Poolmeccanica Lorenzon will be launched on the 3rd  October 2006, ready to operate in the Mediterranean Sea. This majestic work was designed and built paying special attention to three aspects: safety, maneuverability, environmental compatibility.

A successful result in the shipbuilding industry that marks an historic passage for the company, which has been continuously committed in the field of innovation.

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