Hydro News #3

#HydroNews 3 - Poolmeccanica Lorenzon is at the Hydro 2018 fair


Which advantages: About 80 nations will be represented at HYDRO 2018, including several new delegations this year, as well as more participants from Central and Southern Europe, and Central Asia. This will enrich the discussions about countries with significant hydropower development plans ahead.


Which programme: As usual, there is a varied programme, focusing on advancing hydro programmes in less developed countries and development opportunities worldwide. Speakers from leading countries for hydro development feature prominently; and owners and operators will exchange experience with engineers from nations that have future plans to implement. Reflecting the conference theme of ‘Partnerships for Progress’, there will be sessions on transboundary collaboration, capacity building, and the development of international waterways for the benefit of neighbouring countries.


Water is magic, POOLMECCANICA LORENZON is a resource.